Berri Regional Secondary College is founded upon a strong history of providing successful educational pathways for students in a caring country environment in the Riverland of South Australia. We encourage our students to seek truth without fear, by providing a challenging, diverse, and inclusive student-centred curriculum to students from Years 7 – 12. We are looking forward to welcoming Year 7 students to high school in 2022.

Berri, located 250km from Adelaide, is a regional hub of businesses and government services, which along with many horticulture and viticulture based producers, form valuable community connections for our students. Nestled within an education precinct of TAFE SA, Trade Training Centre, Flexible Learning Centre and shared public library facilities, students at Berri Regional Secondary College have endless opportunities for learning.


Specialty facilities, within Performing Arts, Music, Science, Technologies and Hospitality will provide opportunities to engage in learning aligned with industry, student’s passion, and interests.

Our school facilities are complimented by our partnership with the Berri Barmera Council and TAFE SA, which provide our students access to community facilities including the Berri Public Library, Berri Stadium and the Glassey Park sporting precinct. Additionally, students’ access TAFE SA facilities using the Trade Training Centre for Vocational Learning.


We have a firm belief in the school values of Safety, Respect, Learning and Determination.

Our partnership with students, families and community enables us to support the academic, health, physical and wellbeing needs of all of our students.

We are proud of our strong record of student success and achievement, particularly our high levels of SACE achievement, extensive participation within Vocational Education, strong representation within Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA) and our award winning South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA).

Student voice is respected and valued within our school. This is reflected through many student leadership opportunities, including our Peer Support Program, Sporting House Captains, the Junior Secondary Student Leadership Council (SLC) and the Senior Secondary Prefect Body. Furthermore, our students also thrive upon many extracurricular activities to support student participation within the school, with a particular focus on specialised interests and passions.

We believe strong relationships and communication with parents and carers is important to student success and we value developing positive partnerships to support every individual.


Berri Regional Secondary College is established and founded upon the rich history of Glossop High School. Our deep connection with our community enables us to know and work with students and families from diverse backgrounds and with varied aspirations.

Our student centred approach ensures we develop the academic, health and wellbeing needs, enabling our students to grow as productive and successful local and global citizens.

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